Healthy Firefighters

Firefighters need to be protected.

Firefighters face a great risk of occupational diseases and should be safeguarded. Healthy Firefighters shows why, how and what can be done to prevent firefighter occupational cancer and other diseases.

firefighter cancer

Clean and protective clothing

Firefighters should be able to start their shift in full, clean protective clothing, and be able to protect their airways and skin in all situations. Gear, equipment, and tools should be decontaminated every time they have been exposed to products of combustion. It is also essential that routines separate contaminated items from clean ones when transporting and when handling at the fire station.

Skelleftea model

Healthy Firefighters – the Skellefteå Model is a collaborative project aimed at preventing occupational health hazards among firefighters. Now adopted as the standard in 17 European countries, the “Healthy Firefighters” project provides concise decontamination protocols which can improve firefighters’ health and well-being.

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Healthy Firefighters free e-book

firefighter cancer

Healthy Firefighters : the Skelleftea Model improves the work environment. This book provides examples and practical tips on how a fire & rescue service with simple means can reduce the amount of contaminants that personnel are exposed to, and thereby achieve a better work environment and improved health for firefighters and other fire & rescue service personnel. By Stefan Magnusson and David Hultman, 2014


Stefan Magnusson and David Hultman

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The Healthy Firefighters and the Skellefteå Model was started as a project in Skellefteå, Sweden in 2006 by unions, employers and agencies.